Sparring Team

At Home Drills for Sparring Teams

Team A & B

Side Kick / Cutt Kick                          AND                                            CANCLE /CLASH

Make sure the back heel faces towards the opponent,

Body, Knees, Toes Sideways

Make sure It pushes the target.

Don’t forget the guards, Front hand down and back hand on top.

(When practicing, don’t forget to bounce couple of times before the kick)

CANCLE /CLASH (Same as Side Kick, except raise the leg above your hips like roundhouse kick at spot)

Once Side kick has built its proper form, we are going to work the following kicks;

Side-Round, Side-Round-Round, Side-Hook, Side-Hook-Round, Side- Axe, Side-(in to out) Rainbow

For these Kicks, we are making sure the side kick still pushes the opponent, and the body is turned sideways.



Practice building combinations after the above kicks,

For example, if its Rainbow Kick, Side-Round-Round and opposite Leg rainbow

Practice Back Leg Kicks


Rainbow, Roundhouse Kick, 2x Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Hook, Back Kick


Don’t forget to practice Hopping Roundhouse Kick, goal is to do 100 in 40 seconds.